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Change Management
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All organizations go through some form of change that can affect the mission, goals, human resources and even products and services offered. In other cases, change occurs even without management being conscious of what is happening around the organisation. What gets noticed easily are impacts in the market place, drop in financial bottomlines or even high staff turnover. Change can be intentional and induced by the organisation’s management or can be exogenously induced. In either case, managers have to deal with it.


This programme is designed to help managers:

  • understand how to make effective decisions during the period of change,
  • succeed in managing barriers and resistances to change
  • leverage the various opportunities that come with change.

The training session for managers takes a minimum two days.

Besides capacity building and training, we encourage organisations to engage us for an in-house consultancy process for thorough review and management of the change process. We will be happy to review the existing processes, products/services and procedures with recommendations that will make envisaged change easy to manage.

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